who the hell are the medveds?

the Medveds, a byproduct of Boston, Massachusetts formed in the summer of 1994. The band’s name, which carried over from earlier garage projects headed up by frontman Ben Hunter, was drunkenly derived from a game of pin the tail on the donkey with a mid-1980s, Cleveland phonebook. The group landed on the name Keith Medved and it stuck (not to be confused with film critic Michael Medved).

During their brief and dysfunctional punk rock citizenship, the Medveds earned notoriety for their volatile blend of booze and banter, as well as their crazy onstage antics. The band permeated Boston’s punk rock fraternity for nearly a decade and attracted a cultish, underground following while headlining staple clubs and local dives throughout the North East. None of which paid the bills.

Where are they now?

After disappearing into the shadows of their full length CD, Aging Failures, the self-proclaimed pirates of nautical punk unearthed from the brink of extinction to compile one last jewel entitled Boos, Coups & Interviews.  Boos, completed in 2009, is a sawtoothed collection of previously unreleased recordings from the band’s live shows, rehearsals and rare radio appearances. Much of the material had simply been warehoused on a dusty basement shelf and, in many cases, deservedly so. However, these lo-fi odds and ends were haphazardly compiled to chronicle the band’s history, as well as share their 3 minute rants with anyone who will listen. 

“It’s the Medveds at their very best...rude, crude, raw & drunk!” - “Mean” Russell Taff

Boos,Coups & Interviews
CD released 2009

Aging Failures
CD released 2000

3rd Nipple from the Sun
7” released 1998

My Mom Smoked My Stash
7” released 1997

Your Drinking Ruined Christmas
7” released 1996

Gilded Cock
7” single released 1995
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jeremy: lead guitar
larry: bass, back vocals
eric: drums 
adam: vocals, fake glockenspiel 
ben: guitar, vocals